One of the few unclassified projects during my time at Booz Allen was a series of First Responder Toolboxes as a joint project with the National Counterterrorism Center, Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The project was coded in Angular 9, designed in Adobe XD, and includes 3D models created in 3D Studio Max. The project was completed by me as the developer, Bryan C. as the UI/UX designer, and Tab A. as the 3D designer. Website.

This website was built for Occoneechee Lodge, Order of the Arrow - Boy Scout's National Honor Society. The site uses Wordpress as it's content management system (CMS) and has the Divi theme installed. The sites structure and major changes are still managed by me while much of the content is updated by volunteers. Website

This is the Order of the Arrow Southern Region Section 7B's website. The site uses Wordpress as it's CMS and has the Divi theme installed. The site's structure and content is still managed by me. Website

This website was built for The Country Doctor Museum, part of East Carolina University. The site runs Wordpress as the CMS. The structure and layout was originally built by me and is currently managed by the technical support team at East Carolina University. Website

This website is Occoneechee Lodge's support system. The system runs an open source version osTicket. I developed a custom user facing theme to modernize the website. I still manage this website. Website.

This is an election portal for Occoneechee Lodge. To become a member of the lodge, you must be elected by your Boy Scout troop or unit. This system was built from scratch to track over 300 elections a year with over 500 individual scouts elected each year. The system was co-built by me and a fellow member. Our Github repository can be found here. Website

This is a camping forum website for Occoneechee Lodge. This website is brand new as of May 1st, 2020 and has not be widely shared with members for active use. The theme on the front-end was custom built using bootstrap. Users are able to go on the website and post about their camping experiences. Website
This is a survey system that was built for Occoneechee Lodge. It has its own subdomain and runs LimeSurvey. The theme was built with Bootstrap and has a similar design to the camping forum website above. The Lodge uses this website to collect responses from its users after events. Website.
This is the NOAC website for Occoneechee Lodge. It runs DotNetNuke and contains an access portal for contingent members to check their status. Website.
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